Boys Won’t Be Boys Paperback Book


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Plain, Powerful, Practical talk for men of all ages. 

The call to action and challenge for boys and men to live uncommon lives is loud. And the path, while not easy, has been clearly stated in the pages of this book. It is both a resource and roadmap for those ready to experience the adventure and rewards of being “Uncommon Men.”

Boys Won’t Be Boys includes chapters on:

Uncommon Foundation
Uncommon Swagger
Uncommon Friends
Uncommon  Reward

Uncommon is not how most people live their lives. It’s a path to greatness that only a few will find. But in this book, Tim Brown will challenge you to find that path, to rise above the Common world around you, and to live a truly successful life. With personal stories and practical advice, he will help you develop an Uncommon identity. He will show you how you can leave an Uncommon legacy. By following these principles, you can create the life you’ve always dreamed you would have. A life that is truly….Uncommon.

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Additional information

Summer Book Club

Coach Tim Brown is hosting a Summer Book Club for boys, grades 5-9. He'll be hosting an online monthly chapter-by-chapter discussion of Boys Won't Be Boys this summer. To join the book club, purchase your copy of Boys Won't Be Boys and you will be emailed instructions on joining in on the monthly talk.